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Pastor Ted Boggs

Do you know a servant when you see one?

Pastor Ted has a servant's heart. His priority is to welcome as many people into the family of God through his focused exhortations of God's Word. He brings forth a Word of Hope.


Ted has had a long and challenging life. Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 5, Ted had to prove himself throughout. Academically, not an over-achiever, but deep insights come from the Gifting of the Holy Spirit. Athletically, not the first team, but always a team player, doing "whatever it takes" to get the job done right the first time. Spiritually, a late comer to the knowledge of Jesus, but a fast learner.


The short version of Ted's testimony goes like this. Ted got married in March 1982, and in May of 1983 his eyes had damage due to diabetic retinopathy - legally blind. Ted was a volunteer at the local fire department and his EMS skills permitted him to attended advanced training beginning November of 1983. His wife attended classed with Ted and took notes. Ted was fortunate enough to be enrolled in an eye study at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Ted received surgery on his eyes February 1984 and shortly thereafter the sight returned to Ted's eyes. In April 1984 there were 32 people that sat for the Maryland State Boards for testing of Cardiac Rescue Technician. Only seven of the 32 passed, and you guessed it, Ted passed the exam. Later that year Ted would be hired at the R A Cowley Shock Trauma Center and he would advance to the Supervisor's position, managing 40 persons, training and scheduling them to do the work the Center is known for.


All this time, Ted was not walking with God, nor was he pursuing God in his lifestyle. But that didn't keep God from pursuing Ted. Ted would meet his current wife Cheryl while working at the Center, and eventually they moved away "from the I-95 rat-race" into Almost Heaven, West Virginia. Ted held a variety of jobs there and when one of his co-workers announced that he was being called to pastor a charge of churches. Ted and Cheryl attended his first service, only wanting to be “friendly faces in the crowd” for his friend. The service was full of tears and blubbering thank you, thank you, thank you messages. When the pastor's wife asked them to stay for the fellowship dinner, they tried to make their polite excuses, but she wasn't having any of it: Ted and Cheryl stayed. God slammed the door shut and held Ted so that by the end of the meal Ted announced, "we're going to make this our church." That was 1999.


Soon, Ted received his calling to serve God as a Pastor and in 2001 served his first church in McHenry, Maryland. Ted finished his Bachelor's Degree at WVU and then continued his studies at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky while serving in several churches. Ted received his Masters of Divinity degree in December 2008 and has since worked in several churches leading various ministries. Ted worked for four years as a hospice chaplain, helping families, patients, and co-workers cope with end-of-life issues.


Ted and Cheryl moved to Delaware in 2018 and soon found themselves at Word of Hope Church. Working with Pastor Greg Boothman by doing "whatever it takes" to keep God's Word of Hope moving throughout the region. In November 2020, Pastor Greg felt his call was to move to another place in God's plan and Ted assumed the role of Senior Pastor by recognition of the Church Board of Directors and a vote by the membership.


God is good, and He continues to work in our lives even when we don’t know it.

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